Margaret Zhao


Humor Haiku by Margaret Zhao

A poem is a painting with a voice. There are so many vivacious, beautiful and unruly voices in my mind that have made this book possible. "Humor Haiku" is a collection of short poems inspired not only by Japanese Haiku but also by Chinese poetry, and these poems are not only paintings but also voices with an accent. Whether you read English, Chinese or both, "Humor Haiku" will bring a smile to your face.


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About Margaret Zhao

Without wanting to reveal any details that will spoil my true story for you, I cannot resist sharing the evolution of my first book "Really Enough". At a social event in 2010, I casually shared a few of my childhood experiences. My stories drew instant interest from Kathleen Martens, a witty and magnetic woman in the group. The immediate connection we made led to the magical collaboration that brought my story to life. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be inspired. "Really Enough" will write itself onto your heart.

My second book, "Humor Haiku", a collection of humorous poems, has been bringing many laughs and great fun to many of my friends and readers. After I came to America, I encountered a Japanese form of poetry with three lines and seventeen syllables called Haiku. I find the style of Haiku very humorous and stimulating obligating the writer to use only limited lines and words to express profundity. The unique style of my short humorous poems is greatly inspired by both Japanese Haiku and Ancient Chinese poetry. I would love to see "Humor Haiku" bring smiles and sunshine to your face.




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